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The Vegetarian Debate Community's Journal
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Date:2008-05-14 19:23
Subject:is any body HEEERE?

let's do a discussion: good and bad points of being vegetarian...

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Date:2005-11-16 15:27
Mood: worried

Hello, I decided to join this community since the moderator wanted to hear people from the other side.

I am into animal welfare..but I eat meat, seems strange doesn't it? I personally just have a diet of mostly meat and fruit with a bit of vegetable every now and again (because my body for some odd reason, can't tolerate vegetables even though I know how crazy that must sound as well as me not liking a lot of vegetables that I have come across anyway).

I believe that animals have souls, I don't believe really that I am better than them and I can never understand the concept of "anthropomorphizing" a being (even though I know what the word means) because I think some things should be universal..like feelings for example.

I also joined this community because I am a part of vegandebate which is a nice community until ya get into one of them rare trolls that doesn't understand that the debate is for both vegans and omnis..I hope it won't happen here. x_x

I can't think of anything else to say but I hope we can all discuss peacefully on topics. :D

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Date:2005-11-16 09:38
Mood: tired

thought i'd say hi... i'm not veg, saw an ad looking for "the other side", so here i am. i know what i eat was a formerly living fuzzy cute happy animal, and i have no problem with that. i do, however say a short prayer before cooking thanking it for feeding me. yes, i believe animals have souls.

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Date:2005-11-15 18:43
Subject:Jamie Oliver

I'm sure many of you have heard about Jamie Oliver's decision to slaughter a lamb that he was about to cook on television. How do you feel about this?

I completely agree with what he did. It should be harder for people to hide from the truth than it is right now. Everything is prepared for them without them having to witness the gruesome truth. If people can watch that and still feel fine about their eating habits then I can respect them much more than those who hide from the truth and say "ya it sucks, but what are you gonna do?"

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Date:2005-11-14 18:26
Subject:ban fishing

Hey guys, I noticed something interesting that I thought I would share.
There is a post in the vegetarian community as well as the vegan community asking people to add "ban fishing" to their interest list in LJ in order to raise awareness on the subject. In the vegetarian community, a sort of debate ensued, I don't remember what points were brought up, but I debated it anyway, and the post was definitely taken differently than in the vegan community where three people commented "done" and nothing else.

I just thought that was interesting and wondered if anyone had any input on the issue itself...the effect of banning fishing...or on the different responses between the two communities.

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Date:2005-11-01 14:08

What are everyone's views on PETA?

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Date:2005-10-30 18:49
Subject:Some thoughts on Rule #3 ("No one is right.")

As a student of philosophy, I find the rule "3. No one is right. This is about opinions," somewhat intriguing, but troubling in its wording. But let me hold that thought for a moment. It is obvious that the intent of this rule is to ensure that no one's opinion is marginalized or labeled "clearly wrong" or idiotic. The author of this rule was apparently trying to create a community where ideas were discussed seriously and carefully. I entirely share this perspective with the author.

Now about the wording. To try to cultivate an environment of serious discussion by stating "no one is right," is not only unnecessary (as demonstrated in the wording of my previous and last paragraphs), it is also inconsistent, and ultimately self-defeating to the very end it purports to achieve! Let me explain. To make the statement "no one is right" is synonymous to saying "it is true that no one is right", or in other words, "it is right that no one is right." I hope the inconsistency is becoming more clear now. If not, I will spell it out: there is a direct contradiction in supposing that no one can be right, while claiming special exception to this rule in order to make the rule! This is worse than just a fallacy of special pleading, it is also a complete contradiction. It's like saying, "I am telling you a lie," or other such paradoxes.

There are more problems with the wording, such as the fact that, if no one is right, why should anyone take anyone else seriously? If this forum is only about the spewing out of "opinions" then by what standard should any opinion be weighed against another? If we claim that "no one is right," then there is no such standard! Arguments will be reduced to "I think being a vegetarian is good" or "I think being a vegetarian is bad". And if that's going to be the best we got, we may as well shut the forum down right now. But wait! There's a better way to get the point across...

May I suggest replacing the wording in Rule #3 with something like "Please take everyone's opinion seriously. Disparaging remarks will not be tolerated. Use passionately rational argumentation, not impetuous rants."

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Date:2005-10-30 16:29
Subject:First Post

Hello everyone.
For a first post I guess I will introduce myself. My name is Lorna, I'm a 19-year old first year student in Environmental Studies at Bishop's University in Quebec, Canada. I have been vegetarian for a little over 2 years now and my main reasons for this are the fact that the whole concept of eating a dead animal is wholly unappealing to me, a good vegetarian diet, as far as I know, is much healthier than one based around meat, and I do not agree with the practices of factory farms and the way that humans treat animals as a commodity and not as something that is actually living, so I chose to boycott the industry as best I can.

So why don't you all introduce yourselves and tell your friends about this place, because if no one joins it going to be awful.
And why not make some controversial, but well thought out statement to get us going?

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