Lorna (punkermunky) wrote in veggie_debate,

First Post

Hello everyone.
For a first post I guess I will introduce myself. My name is Lorna, I'm a 19-year old first year student in Environmental Studies at Bishop's University in Quebec, Canada. I have been vegetarian for a little over 2 years now and my main reasons for this are the fact that the whole concept of eating a dead animal is wholly unappealing to me, a good vegetarian diet, as far as I know, is much healthier than one based around meat, and I do not agree with the practices of factory farms and the way that humans treat animals as a commodity and not as something that is actually living, so I chose to boycott the industry as best I can.

So why don't you all introduce yourselves and tell your friends about this place, because if no one joins it going to be awful.
And why not make some controversial, but well thought out statement to get us going?
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